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Role & value addition of integrated Paper Trading Companies (iPaTCos)

Post-production supply chain and logistics of paper products is a critical link in the pulp and paper industry value chain. Over the years as the industry has grown in size, spread and complexities, this role turned in to a specialist service domain of ‘paper trading companies’

Below are a few factors that necessitate the importance of paper trading companies and their value addition.

  • Paper manufacturing industries typically thrive near to the source of raw material, that is mostly in the rural, agro geographies. However the high consumption markets of their end products are situated in urban, industrialized geographies. This gap poses logistics challenges that require expertise and skills not related to the core industry process.
  • The market dynamics involve constantly evolving consumer needs and threat of substitutes. This has led to immense varieties of paper and paper boards of different types. This sheer complexity of product range poses inventory and logistics challenges which require specialists to handle it effectively.
  • Typical to the paper industry, there is a significant amount of value addition required on the product manufactured in bulk till it reaches the end-user in the desired size, quantity and format. Owing to the cost & logistic efficiencies these value addition activities like cutting, slitting, resizing and repacking are best done near to the point of consumption.
  • Paper is a global commodity that is sourced from around the world and thus could involve use of complex multi-modal transportation. The logistics are critical in the post-production value chain. An integrated paper trading company can create maximum value for both manufacturers as well as end-buyers of paper. This is done through warehousing, customized processing and logistics solutions.

The manufacturers as well as end-buyers benefit from

  • Low inventory carrying costs.
  • Reduced need for storage and warehousing.
  • Faster movement & delivery of the material.
  • Flexibility to get the end product in required size, quantity and packaging.
  • Flexible logistics and payment terms.

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