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Paper industry’s growth in the paperless era

The paper industry is going through a transformation, probably the biggest in the history. As the world is moving towards digitalization, businesses (and consumers alike) are talking about going paperless. The intent and driver are noble though - saving trees that is considered the main raw material for making paper.

The thought of going paperless surfaced sometime in the early eighties when business operations around the world had started getting computerized. Add to it the revolution brought in by the fast evolving television industry which had been already challenging the role of ‘newspaper’ as a media.

How has been the paper industry itself responding to this challenge? The global consumption of paper has grown by a whooping 400% in the last forty years. But the industry has never been the same again. It has responded and adapted to the changing world in a smart way.

There are 3 key factors contributing to not just the sustenance but such unprecedented growth of the paper industry.

The printing paper consumption has shrunk significantly due to the paperless drive. But on the other hand, the economic boom resulting in increased consumption of goods (to a great extent fueled by e-commerce impetus) has led to an increased demand for the paper used in packaging material.

Secondly, the global drive against use of one-time-use plastic too has added to the greater consumption of paper as the next best packaging option.

The third reason being the smarter one driven by increase in re-cycling of paper and paper waste. Paper being one of the most recyclable materials has benefited from it. The biggest market consuming market of the United States also leads in use of recycled paper at more than 70% recovery rate.

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In conclusion, we feel that even in the digital age, paper is here to stay. The role is changed, the awareness is more and use is becoming responsible. The industry has not only survived but is thriving.