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Paper industry in India, Myths v/s Facts

Information Source - Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA)

India’s paper industry has a market size of over INR 700 billion. It provides direct employment to more than 500,000 people, while around 1.5 million more employment opportunities are associated indirectly with the industry. The industry has over a hundred years existence in India and has grown through different challenges over the years.

India is amongst the fastest growing paper market with the per capita consumption growing rapidly. It is also a major contributor to the economy by way of revenue and more importantly job creation. It is also linked with the growth opportunities for the rural economy

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It is indeed impossible to imagine life without paper, though there have been many myths associated with the paper industry. Here are some of the common myths and their reality explained below. The information given below is sourced from the official website of Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA)

1. Myth

Paper industry is responsible for reduction in forests


India’s paper industry is closely tied with the agro and rural economy for the raw materials supplies. The industry is also successfully supporting the farmers to run agro-forestry initiatives which has brought more than 1,200,000 hectares under pulpwood plantations. As per the industry data, ~80% of the raw material need is met through recycled fiber, waste paper bamboo and agri-waste like wheat/rice straws etc. Also, more than 90 % of the total wood-based raw material is sourced through agro-forestry.

2. Myth

Paper industry disturbs environmental balance


It may surprise many, but the fact is that the paper industry is wood positive. Which means, the industry contributes to growing more trees through its agro-forestry efforts than it consumes for paper production. Industry contributes to planting, nurturing and growing trees over a long period during which they emit tonnes of oxygen.

3. Myth

Paper industry is a water and energy guzzler


With the advent of technology and awareness about environmental issues, the paper industry in India has significantly improved its environmental performance. India’s integrated paper mills today meet 40-60% of their captive power requirement through use of black liquor, one of the byproducts of the pulping process as fuel. On the water consumption front, the automated and efficient process and equipment has led to 4 times reduction in water consumption. Efforts are on to implement further reduction and recycling measures to become more energy and water efficient.

4. Myth

Paper industry in India is on a decline


In spite of all the talks about paperless economy and substitute material, the paper industry continues to grow at a healthy pace globally as well as in India. Our domestic per capita consumption of paper is still way below the global average signaling large headroom for growth. With every one kg incremental per capita consumption can result in annually one million tonne increase in the demand